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Koi Pond Maintenance

  Keeping your Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish healthy starts with a healthy pond environment. In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly pond maintenance tasks, certain chores need to be performed seasonally. Basic Pond Maintenance Setting aside a bit of time each week to tend to your pond will help keep your koi healthy and […]

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Introducing New Koi To Your Pond

  There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting a new koi. While it is always tempting to quickly introduce your new addition to your pond, it’s vital that you follow the appropriate quarantine procedures to help make the transition as smooth as possible for your new koi and your existing pond population. Setting Up Your […]

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Feeding Your New Koi

  A nutritionally balanced diet is essential to keeping koi healthy. If you’re purchasing your very first koi, figuring out where to start with feeding your new fish can be overwhelming. Not all koi food or ingredients are created equal, and sometimes it can be difficult to determine what is and isn’t good for your […]

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