We are extremely proud of the products and service that we offer. But, don’t take our word for it. Take it from our customers.

We have been purchasing goldfish and koi from Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery for well over 25 years. The fish have always been colorful, healthy and happy. The staff is always courteous and helpful. We take pride in supplying only the highest quality fish to our customers. The sales staff and fish from Blue Ridge are the best in the industry.

At Springdale, we have been buying Blue Ridge koi and goldfish for many years. We have consistently received great fish in good health from Randy and his staff. They have always taken care of us in a timely and professional manner. What I like most is the ability to call and talk to employees who are not only knowledgeable but friendly.

The goldfish they produce are beautifully colored with good body shape. Their sizing is consistent and generous. Their shubunkins are really nicely colored, with good variety. Their koi are nice, our favorites being the butterfly koi.

These guys have been around for a long time and have demonstrated their ability to take care of us in many different ways. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery plays an important role in our success at Nelson Water Gardens and Nursery by providing us with outstandingly healthy and beautiful goldfish and koi. Blue Ridge’s butterfly koi are second to none, and their sarasa comets set the domestic standard.

For more than fifteen years Nelson’s has relied on Randy and Rick to ship only quality fish. This saves us from extensive and expensive quarantines, and gives us the confidence to know we are providing our customers with the best pets for their water garden or koi pond.

The office staff is professional and a pleasure to work with – They’re just darn nice people. Blue Ridge’s willingness and ability to ship Monday through Friday has helped us meet our customer’s expectations of having lots of fish to choose from whenever they visit us. It is not unusual for us to get two shipments in a week to keep our customers happy.

Another great product from Blue Ridge is their pelleted food. We have kept our customer’s fish happy by selling nearly three tons of it every season! Thank you: Randy, Rick, and crew for your great service, quality product, and friendly partnership in our success.

We consistently have almost zero loss during shipping and acclimation of our fish. Our customers compliment us constantly on the health, quality, variety and color of our fish. They all come from Blue Ridge. The staff is always helpful, friendly and efficient.

I have been a customer of Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery for the past six years. The selection, quality and health of their Koi and Goldfish is exceptional. Their Overnight UPS service has saved me dozens of trips to the airport and my fish always arrive safely by 10:30 AM. The ordering process is simple and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. You’ll always find a nice selection of Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery Koi and Gold fish in our retail tanks