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Salt and Koi Ponds

There are benefits to adding salt to your Koi pond. When used correctly, it can defend against and treat bacteria, parasites, stress, and other conditions. However, too much salt is toxic to Koi and can make them sick or even kill them. If you are considering salt, it’s essential to understand when and how to […]

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Controlling Algae in Your Retail Pond

If your retail pond is in a warm climate, then you’ve probably experienced occasional algae overgrowth. This is particularly likely in the summer when waste, water temperatures, and sunlight increase. An abundance of algae will consume more oxygen than it creates, depriving your pond of the oxygen levels that koi require. Retail ponds often lack […]

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Yamabuki Ogon Butterfly Koi

Causes of Color Loss in Koi

Vibrant colors and patterns are one of the main selling points for koi. Though genetics play a large part in determining koi’s colors, their environments have a role in maintaining them. Therefore, you want to ensure that your fish develop and maintain rich coloration while in your care and beyond. Koi develop color through cells […]

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Optimizing Your Koi Fish Website

An online presence can impact a business’s success. Though selling koi and goldfish is a small niche, competitors still exist. To keep up, you need the capacity to sell online. You can’t do this without a well-constructed website with professional pictures. However, your website is about more than just transactions. You need to ensure you […]

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Tips for Selling Koi

Selling koi entails smart purchasing, exceptional maintenance, and quality care. Choosing popular varieties with showman characteristics will help guarantee that your customers are happy whether they want backyard companions or the next grand champion. Maintaining pristine water quality in your ponds or tanks is necessary to keep your merchandise healthy and vibrant. Finally, a solid […]

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Calculating Pond Water Volume

Knowing pond volume is essential for anyone keeping koi, but it’s even more important for distributors who will have large numbers stocked in their ponds. Having an accurate measurement of your pond capacity is essential for planning equipment needs, water treatments, and the number of fish you can keep in good condition. Water in retail […]

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