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Koi Predators

  Most Serious Threats These predators are voracious and pose a great threat to the fish in your pond. Herons Herons are migratory birds that are beautiful and intelligent but are constantly searching for a meal. With eyesight several times keener than a human’s, your colorful koi are easy for herons to spot even from […]

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Tips for Handling Koi

  Some experts will advise you to avoid handling your koi as much as possible. However, many koi keepers will either need to transport their koi or will need to inspect the fish for signs of illness or disease at some point in its life. The best times to examine koi are soon after they […]

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Differences between Koi and Goldfish

  Koi and goldfish are a popular combination for coexistence in backyard ponds. Both share an ancestor in the carp, are docile, hardy, and have similar environmental and dietary needs. However, your Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish are distinct species and differ in several ways, including size, shape, coloring, lifespan, and cost. Size Size is […]

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Pond in Winter

Winterizing Your Koi Pond

  If your water temperatures drop below 50℉ in the winter, you need to prepare your pond for the colder weather. If your pond is at least four feet deep in climates that regularly freeze and three feet in places with chilly but milder winters, it is best to leave your koi in the pond […]

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Calculating Pond Water Volume

  The three most common methods to calculate how much water is in your pond are volume estimates, a water meter, and a salt/salinity meter. Estimating Volume Method Estimating water volume will only yield an accurate result if your pond is a perfect geometric shape (e.g., square, circle, or rectangle) and has flat sides and […]

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Common Koi Fish Health Problems

  Knowing the signs and symptoms of illnesses is important to keeping your Blue Ridge Koi healthy. Anchor Worm Cause: New fish or aquatic plants can introduce these crustacean parasites into your pond. Symptoms: Anchor worms are visible and resemble whitish-green threads. You may notice red patches on the koi where the skin around the […]

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Koi Pond Filtration

  Your filtration system is essential to providing your Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish with proper water quality. The two main types of filtration are biological and mechanical. Biological Filtration Biological filtration is something every pond requires to maintain proper water quality and preserve the health of the fish. Beneficial bacteria break down waste products […]

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Koi Pond Maintenance

  Keeping your Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish healthy starts with a healthy pond environment. In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly pond maintenance tasks, certain chores need to be performed seasonally. Basic Pond Maintenance Setting aside a bit of time each week to tend to your pond will help keep your koi healthy and […]

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Introducing New Koi To Your Pond

  There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting a new koi. While it is always tempting to quickly introduce your new addition to your pond, it’s vital that you follow the appropriate quarantine procedures to help make the transition as smooth as possible for your new koi and your existing pond population. Setting Up Your […]

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Feeding Your New Koi

  A nutritionally balanced diet is essential to keeping koi healthy. If you’re purchasing your very first koi, figuring out where to start with feeding your new fish can be overwhelming. Not all koi food or ingredients are created equal, and sometimes it can be difficult to determine what is and isn’t good for your […]

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