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Koi pond aerial view

Companions for Your Koi

If you desire more variety for your aquascape, several varieties of fish make great pond mates for Koi. Check out these potential companions for your Koi, all compatible in behavior, diet, and environment. Goldfish Koi and Goldfish thrive in similar water conditions. Pond Goldfish (as the name implies) are best suited for your backyard. Fancy […]

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Tips for Controlling Pond Algae

Algae are single-celled aquatic plants that, in small amounts, add oxygen through photosynthesis and provide a healthy snack for Koi. But too much can wreak havoc on water parameters and the pond’s ecosystem. Here are some ways to identify, contain, and treat algae. Identifying Algae Planktonic. Also called green water algae, these give the water […]

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Aerial picture of backyard pond

Vacation Pond Preparation Checklist

  When you’re away on vacation, it’s nice not to worry about what’s happening back home–including your koi pond. By preparing beforehand, you can relax knowing your koi will remain safe and healthy while you’re away. ✓ Make A Feeding Plan Depending on the season, koi can last several days without food as long as […]

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Koi Predators

  Most Serious Threats These predators are voracious and pose a great threat to the fish in your pond. Herons Herons are migratory birds that are beautiful and intelligent but are constantly searching for a meal. With eyesight several times keener than a human’s, your colorful koi are easy for herons to spot even from […]

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Tips for Handling Koi

  Some experts will advise you to avoid handling your koi as much as possible. However, many koi keepers will either need to transport their koi or will need to inspect the fish for signs of illness or disease at some point in its life. The best times to examine koi are soon after they […]

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Differences between Koi and Goldfish

  Koi and goldfish are a popular combination for coexistence in backyard ponds. Both share an ancestor in the carp, are docile, hardy, and have similar environmental and dietary needs. However, your Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish are distinct species and differ in several ways, including size, shape, coloring, lifespan, and cost. Size Size is […]

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Pond in Winter

Winterizing Your Koi Pond

  If your water temperatures drop below 50℉ in the winter, you need to prepare your pond for the colder weather. If your pond is at least four feet deep in climates that regularly freeze and three feet in places with chilly but milder winters, it is best to leave your koi in the pond […]

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