Terms and Conditions

TERMS: Net Cash with order, or C.O.D. Cashier’s Check or Money Order. We also accept MasterCard and Visa. After credit is established, only one invoice open; all previous invoices must be paid before next shipment. There will be a $20.00 Charge for all returned checks.

As with all livestock, goldfish and koi are susceptible to outbreaks of disease. Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery uses the following precautions and procedures to ensure that you receive a healthy, disease-free product.

  • Environmental stress is reduced as much as possible during processing and packaging.
  • Water quality parameters in ponds and holding facilities are continually monitored and adjusted. These parameters include dissolved oxygen levels, ammonia, nitrite, pH, temperature and salinity.
  • Samples of fish from ponds scheduled for harvest are quarantined for a minimum of 14 days at temperatures at which koi and goldfish are most susceptible to disease (70-75 degrees F.)
  • Samples are taken from ponds scheduled for harvest and examined microscopically for external parasites and medicated accordingly.
  • Quarantined fish are periodically examined for signs of disease caused by bacteria and viruses and medicated accordingly.
  • When contagiously diseased fish are discovered during quarantine, sales of all potentially exposed fish are suspended and customers that may be affected are notified.
  • To ensure the safe and timely arrival of the fish, we notify customers on the day of shipment with time of arrival, flight number, airbill number and C.O.D. amount.

We guarantee live delivery and satisfaction, provided the shipment is accepted at the airport in a reasonable length of time after arrival. However, the responsibility for maintaining the health of the fish has to be shared by the customer. We request that you follow the recommendations listed below:

  1. Learn what is required to successfully maintain healthy fish. There are numerous publications dealing with water quality, disease treatment, etc. Our website, blueridgekoi.com, also contains this information
  2. Quarantine new arrivals for 3 weeks at a minimum temperature of 75 degrees F. Some fish diseases are not apparent at cooler temperatures. We cannot accept responsibility for conditions created by mixing new fish with old fish.
  3. Request that your customers quarantine for 14 days prior to introduction into their ponds or tanks. Blue Ridge cannot be held responsible for conditions in your customer’s ponds or tanks.
  4. Please contact our office immediately if you have problems with the fish. Although our guarantee covers losses, we would like to have the opportunity to help with health issues before they advance.

In case of a damaged shipment or loss, furnish us with an inspection report from the airlines to support claim or loss. We cannot be responsible for delay or damage en route. If there is a delay, file a claim against airlines for losses due to delay or damage. Refusal of shipment at the airport without authorization from this office will jeopardize future business with Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery, Inc. Livability of goldfish and koi depends largely upon favorable conditions at the receiving end; therefore, acceptance of a shipment of goldfish or koi is an acceptance by the purchaser of the term that Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery, Inc. shall, in no case, be held liable for any sum greater than the amount of the original invoice.

SHIPPING: We ship for arrival on Monday through Friday from the Raleigh airport via Southwest Air Freight, or for arrival at your location on

Tuesday through Saturday via UPS Next Day Air.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm EST. Abbreviated hours of 9:00am to 3:00pm during fall and winter months.