New For 2018 – Probiotic Plus Koi and Goldfish Food

In response to the growing threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria, the US government has tightened regulation and

control over antibiotic use in animal feed, including Koi and Goldfish food.  As a result, all the medicated Koi food on the market, once a weapon in the fight against bacterial infections, is now gone.

To fill the void left by the elimination of medicated food, Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish has announced a new fish food product for 2018 – Probiotic Plus.

Instead of food designed to heal an infection with antibiotics, Probiotic Plus is intended to strengthen Koi immune systems and help prevent bacterial infections from ever taking hold.

Blue Ridge Probiotic Plus Koi and Goldfish Food starts with the same great Growth Formula that we have raised millions of Koi, Butterfly Koi and Goldfish on for years.  It is then enhanced with three crucial additives – Primalac, vitamin C and montmorillonite clay – to create the ultimate food for optimal health and bacterial infection prevention.

Primalac, from Star Labs, is a popular probiotic in use in food intended for livestock and pets as well as aquaculture.  Primalac works by maintaining an optimal microbial balance of good bacteria over pathogenic bacteria, increasing health and immunity.

Probiotic Plus is enhanced even further with the addition of vitamin C, which studies have shown strengthens immunity and increases overall health in carp populations.

The final ingredient, montmorillonite clay, has long been a favorite tool of Japanese breeders and se

rious hobbyists alike.  And now it’s available in Koi food manufactured and sold by American companies.

Montmorillonite clay, also commonly known as koi clay, has several benefits, not only for your koi, but for your beneficial bacteria and water quality.

Koi clay contains several minerals and trace elements that are important for a healthy and balanced pond, but are typically filtered out of municipal water sources.  The beneficial bacteria in your pond feed off these trace elements, allowing the bacteria to exist in larger and stronger numbers, thereby increasing their ability to filter damaging chemical waste from the water.  The same minerals and trace elements also benefit the digestive systems of Koi, as well as help their coloring, making whites and reds stand out

Probiotic Plus can be fed during all usual feeding seasons, and will provide health benefits whenever in use.  Feeding Probiotic Plus is most important during the most stressful times of the year for fish, particularly early spring when the water is warming, harmful bacteria are active, but the fish’s immune systems have not come out of dormancy and strengthened sufficiently to fight off bacterial infections.

Blue Ridge Probiotic Plus Koi and Goldfish Food will be available to ship starting January 1st, 2018.  Dealers, wholesalers and distributors can email or call 800-334-5257 for information on ordering Probiotic Plus along with our full line of Koi and Goldfish Foods.  Bulk discounts, early buy discounts and free shipping are available!





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