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Updated Koi & Goldfish Availability for April 14th, 2014

BLUE_RIDGE_KOI_3_21_AVAILABILITY (1)Stock up this week for the three day Easter weekend, when lots of people will be out and about shopping.  We have an extensive selection of Koi, Butterfly Koi, Goldfish and more available this week! Koiprice-pool Standard Grade – 3-4″, 4-5″ 5-6″, 6-8″ and 8-10″ Premium Grade – 3-4″, 4-5″, 5-6″, 6-8″, 8-10″ and […]

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Killer Big Ryukin!

We have loads of 5″ Calico Ryukin and 5″ Red & White Ryukin available for sale this week!  View our complete list of Imported Goldfish.   These guys have high, arching dorsal fins and long and flowing tail fins.  The red on the Red & White Ryukin is deep and dark! And don’t forget, this […]

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Extended List of Imported Goldfish For Sale

We’ve added loads of new Imported Goldfish items for sale this week.  Lots of great options for your customers, including: 3″ Celestial Eye 2″ Calico Lionhead 2″ Red Lionhead 3″ Calico Ranchu 3.5″ and 5.5″ Calico Oranda 2.5″ Blue Oranda 5-6″ and 6-8″ Chinese Veiltail Shubunkin   Check out the Imported Goldfish page, or download […]

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First Imported Goldfish of the Season Available

For the first time during the 2014 pond season, we have Imported Fancy Goldfish available.  Check out the full list. Although this is a limited selection compared to what we will have later in the spring, there are still some great fish to be had.  Including: Red & White Bubble Eye Assorted Butterfly Tail Calico […]

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We’re Still Here!

It’s a common misconception among our customers that we close up completely and go home for the winter season.  And while things certainly do take a more leisurely pace this time of year, we are certainly not closed.  We still have fish to sell, and lots of them! We have Standard Grade koi up to […]

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Want To Buy Some Imported Goldfish?

We have a huge selection of Fancy Imported Chinese Goldfish available to buy now.  Check out the full list here. 5″ Red Ranchu View the full Imported Goldfish list.   Redcap Oranda View the full Imported Goldfish list.   Red Bubble Eye Your customers will certainly crack up over these Red Bubble Eye goldfish!  View […]

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