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Featured Fish – Week of April 16th

We’ve got a brand new mix and a killer discount this week!  Dealers and resellers can contact us for pricing and purchasing information. First up is the Sunshine and Blue Sky Mix.  Two eye-catching complementary colors that will really stand out in your tanks. Available in 5-6″ (counts of 18/35/60) and 6-8″ (counts of 10/20/30). […]

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Extended List of Imported Goldfish For Sale

We’ve added loads of new Imported Goldfish items for sale this week.  Lots of great options for your customers, including: 3″ Celestial Eye 2″ Calico Lionhead 2″ Red Lionhead 3″ Calico Ranchu 3.5″ and 5.5″ Calico Oranda 2.5″ Blue Oranda 5-6″ and 6-8″ Chinese Veiltail Shubunkin   Check out the Imported Goldfish page, or download […]

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Hi Fin Banded Sharks Are Here!

We are happy to announce that, for the first time in the 2014 season, we have Chinese Hi Fin Banded Sharks that are here and ready to ship! Not actually sharks at all, these fish make for great pond pets.  They can winter over in all but the harshest northern climates, and feed on the […]

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