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Introducing AAA Imported Koi

Our production of 10 to 14 inch koi has regrettably run short this year.  In order to keep you and your customers supplied with beautiful koi, we have begun importing AAA Koi from Hazorea Aquatics. Hazorea Aquatics is a bio-secure indoor facility located in Israel.  Their strict bio-security plan is among the most stringent in […]

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Updated Koi & Goldfish Availability for April 14th, 2014

BLUE_RIDGE_KOI_3_21_AVAILABILITY (1)Stock up this week for the three day Easter weekend, when lots of people will be out and about shopping.  We have an extensive selection of Koi, Butterfly Koi, Goldfish and more available this week! Koiprice-pool Standard Grade – 3-4″, 4-5″ 5-6″, 6-8″ and 8-10″ Premium Grade – 3-4″, 4-5″, 5-6″, 6-8″, 8-10″ and […]

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Reader’s Choice – Kohaku

The king of koi.  Where koi keeping begins and ends.  Everyone has heard the sayings that accompany Kohaku.  Kohaku is what most novices envision upon hearing the word “koi”, and indeed is the most popular variety in the koi industry. But what makes a great Kohaku?  What do you look for when selecting young Kohaku?  […]

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Reader’s Choice – Sanke Butterfly

A large part of koi keeping and the koi hobby in general involves judging fish by their appearance.  Is this koi higher quality than that one?  How much should I pay for this fish?  Am I getting my money’s worth? With that in mind, we would like to introduce our newest blog series, “Reader’s Choice”.  […]

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