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Reader’s Choice – Asagi

One of the oldest varieties of koi.  Many of the varieties available today were formed from Asagi crossbreeding.  Asagi is truly a cornerstone of the koi hobby. But what makes a great Asagi?  You have the blue reticulated pattern, and of course the orange or red hi markings.  But how much red is too much?  […]

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Reader’s Choice – Kohaku

The king of koi.  Where koi keeping begins and ends.  Everyone has heard the sayings that accompany Kohaku.  Kohaku is what most novices envision upon hearing the word “koi”, and indeed is the most popular variety in the koi industry. But what makes a great Kohaku?  What do you look for when selecting young Kohaku?  […]

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Reader’s Choice – Sanke Butterfly

A large part of koi keeping and the koi hobby in general involves judging fish by their appearance.  Is this koi higher quality than that one?  How much should I pay for this fish?  Am I getting my money’s worth? With that in mind, we would like to introduce our newest blog series, “Reader’s Choice”.  […]

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