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Reader’s Choice – Sanke Butterfly

A large part of koi keeping and the koi hobby in general involves judging fish by their appearance.  Is this koi higher quality than that one?  How much should I pay for this fish?  Am I getting my money’s worth? With that in mind, we would like to introduce our newest blog series, “Reader’s Choice”.  […]

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We’re Still Here!

It’s a common misconception among our customers that we close up completely and go home for the winter season.  And while things certainly do take a more leisurely pace this time of year, we are certainly not closed.  We still have fish to sell, and lots of them! We have Standard Grade koi up to […]

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Deep Discounts on Butterfly Koi

For this week only, we are offering a chance to buy some of our most popular items for a deep discount. Both 5-6″ Premium Grade Butterfly Koi and 5-6″ Standard Grade Butterfly Koi are 20% off of list price. Check out Butterfly Koi or Price List and Availability for full details.

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Look At Those Monsters!

Spawning season is upon and us, and that means bringing all of our koi and butterfly koi brood stock out of the mud ponds and into our holding facilities. Each year, there are some brood stock that have grown too old to reliably produce eggs or sperm any longer. These gentle giants are sent to […]

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